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Seeking for US Master's Degree or Ph.D while Receiving Tuition Waiver and Monthly Salary !!!

Average Financial Aid $35,000 Per Year Guaranteed from the University

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What are the benefits to do the assistantship jobs?

1) It is a great financial aid, you will receive tuition waiver and salary, the total financial aid values are usually ranging from $30000 USD to $45000 per year.

2) It is a valuable work and research experience, and can enrich your resume, potentially increase your chance to get a better job and higher salary in your career.

3) International students with assistantship have higher visa success rate.

Why should I use NEEI’s services?

Using search engine software (spider) to search the web, NEEI can identify the “fresh” assistantship jobs from professor’s websites unknown to the general public, these job openings hardly have any application and, in many cases, after communicating with the professors, our students can even reach to such a point that the professor has already orally promised the assistantship job, all the remaining work is to send in the application package for admission.

Will the financial aid continue in my second year?

In most cases (95%), YES, if you can maintain your GPA 3 or better.

What kind of school will I go for?

We don’t know yet of the future schools, all depending on our “spider” search results, schools we found in the past are: Stanford University, Yale University, UCLA, University of Florida, Texas State University, California State University, just give a few examples, there are over 2000 schools to choose from. To Join our program you must be flexible on research area and open to the universities both in the US and in Canada.

What is the typical advantage if I know the professor and his/her research project before I prepare the application materials (such as personal statement)?

Since you know the research project in the first place you can adjust your application materials and make your “interested areas” match the professor’s research project so that you will have a much better chance to be selected by the professor. 



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