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Graduate Assistantship Programs

Seeking for US Master's Degree or Ph.D while Receiving Tuition Waiver and Monthly Salary !!!

Average Financial Aid $35,000 Per Year Guaranteed from the University

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Graduate Assistantship






Application Process

1) Deposit the Program Participation Fee with our agent at your city. This fee will be used to pay the salary of our senior software engineer in our team, the consulting and service from NEEI, as well as your local agent fee. This fee is fully (100%) refundable should you not obtain the assistantship position or not receive your student visa.

2) Soon after you have paid the deposit, our software engineer will conduct the search on the web and provide you with the info of "fresh" assistantship openings; we will give you 5 openings whereby you can pick up 2 or 3. We are flexible at this point and may offer you more options, if needed.

3) We will initiate the communication with the said professors (we may call the professors), and you need to follow up and start to establish the email communication with the professors (remember Bcc your email to us so that we know what’s going on between you and the professor). You need to be flexible to adjust your interest of research and make it matches the professor’s project that needs somebody to take the research assistantship jobs, this way you are more likely to be considered by the professor as the “perfect match”.

4) You may need to prepare a two-page Personal Statement, detailing your educational background, work experience, your research interesting areas and your future study / career plan, let us go over it before your emailing it to the professors.

5) Once getting positive response from professors, you will need to get ready of all the application materials, including TOEFL score report, GRE (maybe not needed, depending on schools), and other supporting materials. You need to put all the materials in one package, give it to our agent in your city, the agent will mail it to NEEI through post office.

6) You will receive the I-20 with financial aid (around $35,000 USD in average, depending on the schools), NEEI will offer you the visa interview training, then, you go for the visa.

7) If you did not receive the visa and does not want to try the visa again, you can return the form I-20 to your local agent, and we fully refund your deposit.

8) If receive the visa, NEEI will help arrange the airport pick up in the US and settling down assistance.


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